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Team Santos GLNG gives a drop about saving lives

The Australian blood donation system is built on the dedication and spirit of its volunteers but there is a continual challenge to boost regular donations around the country.

Last year the Santos GLNG team visited the local donation centre to make 49 donations and save the lives of 147 people. For 2023, the Santos GLNG team continue to raise awareness and spread the message to give the gift of blood through regular donations.

Introducing the BLOODISLOE CUP, an employee and contractor driven initiative to boost local donations when donation centre's frequently face issues of blood shortages.

The Santos GLNG team will continue to work together to donate blood and save lives but now with some healthy competition.

The crew that collectively makes the most donations over the year will be the triumphant winner of the Bloodisloe cup.

If you would like to enquire about giving blood you can contact Australia RedCross Lifeblood on 13 14 95 or head to the website for more information.


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