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Harnessing the power of the sun

Santos GLNG and Shell QGC have successfully commissioned a 100kW solar panel system at the Marine Operations Terminal (MOT) in Gladstone (Queensland) which produces renewal energy solution.

Click on image for video.

The 240-panel solar system covers most of the roof space of the MOT and will generate more than 160 megawatt hours of energy annually. The solar solution will help reduce 115 tons of CO2 emission reduction per annum, which is equivalent to powering 30 homes or taking 25 vehicles off the road or planting 650 trees. The project included the design, procurement, and installation of a large-scale solar solution and most importantly, getting it connected to the grid in a safe and compliant manner.

Typically, the traditional roof-mounted solar requires installers to carry modules into place and reach to tighten fasteners. However, the pod-based technology used in this project allowed the solar pods to be lifted into place using a crane. This approach delivered the best-practice HSSE outcome for the delivery of the project. The installation of the solar solution was a massive collaborative team effort, managed by Marine Operations, installed by Solpod (part owned by SEAu), Monadelphous (site coordination), Ausino (technical support) Marine Ops and Shell QGC, our MOT Joint Venture Partner. The solar energy generated will go towards powering the common areas at the MOT supporting the ferry and barge operations. The solar solution demonstrates the JV’s progress against our Powering Progress ambition and to deliver value with less emissions. Congratulations to all involved!


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