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Drone technology reshapes asset inspections

Updated: Mar 9, 2023

Utilising innovative drone technology provides a safer and more cost-effective way to conduct annual asset inspections at Curtis Island.

Santos GLNG has recently completed the second round of annual LNG loading arm inspections using live streamed high-resolution visuals whilst maintaining a safe distance from the asset.

In previous years, these preventative maintenance inspections required the vendor to travel to site from France. In preparation for the inspection, a large crane was set up at the end of the jetty and the vendor, along with a Santos representative, would perform the inspections from a dog box. This ‘working at heights’ method is restricted by wind speed, involves many people and is a large cost to the business.

Thanks to this technology, participants can access the live stream worldwide to discuss any issues found, make assessments on the equipment’s integrity and plan future maintenance. During the inspection the vendor is also able to transfer valuable knowledge and build rapport with key Santos personnel.

The idea to live stream drone footage to vendors originated in 2020 when COVID restrictions prevented travel to site.

Santos GLNG have used live streamed drone footage for environmental assessments by regulators, flare stack inspections, and to support work in confined spaces.

Enabling innovation and adopting this technology is a fantastic example of how the team have considered what they can do better, with a focus on ensuring they are always safe.


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